Employer Zone

At Aspire and Succeed HR we follow a process and code of ethics that ensure that you receive the best professional advice and service. We are committed to helping individuals to grow and develop their careers in the right role and to contributing to the growth and success of our clients' businesses by ensuring that they recruit and retain best talent.

Why us?

  • We are proactive and high-achieving recruitment consultants whose aim is to be the best.
  • We spend time to understand your philosophy, business , culture so that we can make optimum contribution to your business
  • We understand the profiles well, so that there is no wastage of time at either end
  • We try to find the perfect match so that there is a positive synergy between the client and candidate
  • We have established an intensive learning culture. This helps us complement the HR manager in terms of knowledge and commitment to get the best people in the team
  • We go by dead lines
  • We believe in long term associations with our partners
  • We maintain strict confidentiality We will meet the Quality-Cost Advantage
  • We are not the biggest, hence we try that much harder to consistently exceed your expectations. Our consultants are committed to assist you round the clock just to ensure we deliver you nothing but the best.

The Process

  • Needs assessments via questionnaire and meeting with clients
  • Customise candidate evaluation process across organisation function
  • Understand clients concurrent hiring plan across multiple organisation functions
  • Generating a pipeline for various profiles / positions
  • Review, screen and sort applications
  • Sending interview call letters to candidates with a brief on the company (client) profile.
  • Conduct structured interviews covering experience, achievements, personality traits, communication skills, values, attitude and identify if the candidate will fit into companies culture and values
  • Administer skill test on functional areas
  • One on one session with the candidates
  • Zero in on candidates closest to the desired profile and presenting the short listed candidates.
  • Helping negotiate the offer including compensation structures.
  • Referral Check: Performing reference checks of finalized candidates
  • Follow-up with client and candidate subsequent to candidate joining the organisation to ensure satisfaction on both sides.